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Rental Service

Rental Service Packs

The Full Scouting Pack


We will assist you with finding a rental property in Lisbon

We will, according to your brief, shortlist property and submit them for your attention.

We will try to accommodate all your wish list.

We will come with you at the viewings and translate everything between you and the agent or owner.

We will negotiate, on your behalf, price and terms of the rental agreement.

We will review the contract to make sure that is all clear and according to what you intent to agree on and arrange your contract signing.


  • Translating

  • Property selection and shortlist

  • Arrangement of viewing schedule according to your stay in Lisbon

  • Property viewing, assistance at the viewings

  • Options available for remote viewing by video conference (when possible)

  • Contract review.

  • Contract signing arrangement.

  • Free map area (of the property area, PDF format)

  • Free utility bill set ups


  • 500 euro (IVA included) for the mediation 

  • 1 month rental (+ IVA) at the signing of contract

Contract and Negotiation Pack:


If you already have a property in mind or one that you have already visited and you are ready to commit with, we can also help you with the communication between the estate agent and yourself.

This service includes:

  • Translations of all communications and documents requests

  • Negotiation between agent, owner and yourself

  • Contract review before signing

  • Arrangement of contract signing

  • Free utility bills set ups


  • 500 euro (IVA included) for the mediation 

We can discuss in details all the timings and processes of those services via video call to clarify any potential doubts or questions that you might have.

A very detailed terms and conditions document is available on request, please let us know if you would like to receive it after our video consultation.

Arrange a free zoom call for a free consultation, we will be happy to talk about your project.

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