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Language and Culture

Lisbon it is a surprisingly international place, English is spoken widely by people of many generations,

So what about the language?

I have one main suggestion about the Portuguese language

Learn it! 

It will be challenging at times, but the attitude of Lisboetas will be often encouraging if you will be facing the obvious struggle in speaking and understanding…

Nevertheless many people live years in Lisbon and get along with speaking only English…

In my opinion would be a real shame, you would be missing half of the story…

The humor of the elderly on the street, the interaction at your local market, the small talks at your local café…..would be like scraping off the cream off your pastel de nata before eating it….believe me ….you don’t want to do that…


We strongly recommend:

Use a government sponsored program, you must be already in Lisbon to do so

Lisbon Language Cafe

the best school, great teachers, wonderful central location 2 mins from Cais do Soidre, also zoom, level assessment session


podcasts videos etc..

Practice Portuguese Youtube channel


unmissable, a great family, a wonderful granma …great lessons and practical guides 

Lisbon Language Cafe

Practice Portuguese

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