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Hello I am Deborah.

I am an expact coach and intercultural psychologist. Also, a seasoned expat, I have lived, studied, and worked in 5 different countries on 3 continents during the past 45 years. My own experience, coupled with my observation of other people's experiences, motivated me to search for answers as to why we sometimes fail when moving to a new culture, and more importantly how to increase the chances of success. 

This quest led me to pursue a Master's in Intercultural Psychology and complete a coaching certification at ICC (International Coaching Community). I am also a certified trainer and NLP Practitioner. With these tools in hand, I help expats and expats-to-be overcome the challenges of moving and create their best life abroad.

Imagine moving abroad with confidence and knowing that you have all your bases covered.

Imagine that you deal with the roller coaster of emotions in a positive and mindful way.

Imagine that you can make thoughtful and purposeful decisions that are aligned with your life goals.


With expat coaching and training you can easily achieve all this! 

All you need is the right guidance and tools - and I can help you create your best life abroad.

When taking part in my courses and programs, you will learn how to ditch the overwhelm and make your international relocation in a positive and mindful way.


My course “How to Decide Where to Live” is included in the Project Lisboeta’s Home Scouting services you start your home searching journey with the tools and mindset that sets you up for success.


I also offer other courses and programs:


  • How to Prepare Your Scouting Trip for Success

  • Prepare Your Move 101

  • Master Your Move Group Coaching Program

  • Individual coaching 


You can check out the details of the programs here:

For more info, get in touch here:

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