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What is a Buying Agent?

Your expert on the ground...

What a Buying Agent do? 

What is Home Scouting ?

-It is searching for properties on behalf of a client.

-A service that allows the client to preview and preselect properties of interest, but also to receive feedback and suggestions from the property scout.

-Assisting with the procedures leading to a purchase, on behalf of a client.

What we offer...

  • a service aimed to maximize your time 

  • to assist you with your property search, selection and viewing arrangements

  • search for your home according to your needs and requirements

  • submit you a selection of property suggestions 

  • help you shortlist the potential candidates for viewing 

  • view the property if required from you, options for video calls and videos of the viewing also available

  • arrange a viewing schedule of your selected options, according to availabilities and your dates in Lisbon

  • assist in dealing with agents or owner on your behalf

  • We will assist and carry on any necessary negotiations on your behalf

Why going for Home Scouting?

  • Because of your geographical distance, knowledge of the city, or time constrain does not allow you to be physically present for long periods in the city, and gets in the way of you finding your ideal home in Lisbon.

How does it works:

  • First of all …Get in touch

  • We will arrange a first free Skype or zoom video meeting

  • We will shortlist properties

  • We will view preselect and shortlist according to your needs 

  • We will arrange a 2, 3 or more days schedule of viewing…according to your availabilities.

  • We will deal with further communication between parties, buyer, seller, agents etc…

  • Arrange signing of contracts 

Why not find out...

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