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Why Lisbon?

Why Lisbon?

So why did you move to Lisbon?

That's a question we get often, and every time

our answer changes according to the moment, the topic of conversation, who is asking and why…..

It is a simple yet complicated one to answer, fully trying to cover all the aspects that made us consider it as an option before doing it and why we then found ourselves at home and assessing the results of such life change…

Few things that have to be mentioned, are the concrete factors that where both inspirational before us moving to help us decide to do so, and the same ones could be taken as all points that we had the chance to experience and confirm.

So why Lisbon…

First of all why not…..but on this point i will write a post later it is a topic that needs deeper analysis..

Lisbon is Fun!

It is a modern city with a deep cultural identity and ancients roots, has a vibrant street life, an interesting art scene, bars and restaurants to rival major European cities, beach bars nearby, surfing opportunities a bus ride from the city center, markets, music…to get bored is not really an option, whatever your idea of fun is…

You heard it many times, but let me confirm it for you….the weather is just great most of the year, sunny even in winter when the temperature will go down a bit, but you can bet on long summer, beach weekends from April to October, outdoor dining and drinking basically most of the year….

Lisbon offers great quality of life at accessible prices, compared to many places especially in northern Europe.

Lisbon has a very international feel, many international inhabitants call this city home, English is widely spoken, and it is a relatively smaller city with a very worldwide outlook.

People are just great, generous, mostly positive and reluctant to confrontational attitudes. We felt often cared for, helped and genuinely encouraged by acquaintances or even complete strangers at times. As ex Londoners, this strikes you right in the heart.

Portugal's infrastructure has developed hugely in the last few years, transport being one of those since the joining of the European Union, The OECD ranks Portugal’s highway network among the top 3 in Europe, with the most extensive network per capita on the continent. It is one of Portugal’s strong points for infrastructure.

Travelling is a far easier task compared to our journey to airports when we lived in London,

The airport is 15 minutes by car from our home, as opposed to the long journey to the different London airports.

Another airport is planned on the other side of the river in the coming years to allow more direct long haul flights..

For digital nomads, online workers, entrepreneurs, this is a vibrant environment, plenty of affordable office space, startups support, and connections to be made, often all supported by government schemes that encourage entrepreneurial initiatives. High speed internet is easily available.

But one main thing about Lisbon is GENEROSITY. The city and people give you a lot for very little.

It is a city that will give, it is generous with what makes it special, music is often played in bars or the street, outdoor nightlife springs up all day long, and there are many clubs along the riverfront. Different festivals for all tastes, occur throughout the city and its neighboring town, and all are at affordable prices (or even free!).

People are generous with their time, we rarely feel brushed off, we often encounter patience and people keen to help out.

And i refrained from putting this point right at the top to not seem superficial,

Lisbon is mind blowingly BEAUTIFUL, sleepy at times and frenetic at others, shiny with azulejos and blushing red roof tiles, with the river reflecting silver tones, and bathed in astonishing sultry warm pink light at sunset.

That light that makes you feel caressed by life itself…

Obrigado Lisboa.

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