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Life changes are real options...

Post pandemic approach to work and life…considerations and opportunities..

What I guess we can take away from these late times of pandemic is the discovery of a potential option for a complete shift in what we thought were basic requirements for living, working, and our relating with our urban or suburban surroundings.

The appearance or the reaffirming of the concept of remote working and virtual meetings made us all, as a society, re-evaluate the relationship between physical location and workplace, and the dynamics that this, once vital need of proximity in terms of geographical place, implied.

Generations of everyday people had first and foremost to deal with adjusting their life according to a salary often dwarfed by inflated rents or unrealistic property prices in urban metropolitan areas.

The circle was somehow of a vicious nature…. The search for a higher salary moved individuals to bigger cities, where multinational company offices were located, or simply higher was the chance to get in touch with the potential offer of such a career step up…

The demand for property close to offices and workplaces drove markets up to the point of reaching prohibitive and frustratingly high prices for often substandard living spaces.

Better living spaces were often available away from town centers…. living people face crippling travel costs and relentless journeys to and from work.

If anything, positive about this new reality we had to forcibly discover, could be the appearance of the option to no longer comply with those vicious circles, we can now consider our living and working as 2 different facts that could be thought about with a completely different approach...

We can potentially make that step that will allow us to better our living environment without compromising our living standards and work opportunities.

As ex-Londoners we often look up from our laptops and look towards the shore, we shake the sand off our feet and remember the gray sky and our initial bitterness for that early morning tube journey that we thought we could not avoid….

…And we think of the personal living journey we took, that feels everyday more rewarding, and we carry on working feeling more at peace, being realistically more productive, feeling empowered by it all ….

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